From zero to MVP
  • We support entrepreneurs with ideating, building teams, finding the right co-founders, designing their organizations and validating their markets.
  • We prepare our startups to become “investment ready” and help them with fundraising
  • We open our network by activating connections with corporates and development partners
  • We team up with technology experts and top notch it teams to accelerate mvp building.
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Discovery & Exploration
Starting from a snapshot of your current ideation efforts, we team up to assess the initial Business Model imagination, the purpose of the business , its mission, the basic workflows and user journeys that defines it.
Milestone 1: Concept Ready
By this milestone you would have already set a clear target market , validated any legal blockers for your business ( or at least anticipated a solution) , validated the technology you’re using and have a preliminary understanding of what your product should look like.
Milestone 2: Ready to Build
Reaching this milestone means you already set clear market testing strategies, already listed the minimum features of your product and already kickstarted ( or finished !) the work on a first iteration of a prototype !
Milestone 3: Organization all-set
At this point, your startup has all the key functions planned and structured and your product is under development. Your Startup at this stage can reflect a much clearer plan of organization, people,ressources and product to any interested investor.
Milestone 4: Minimum Viable product
You have a working and market valid MVP, you are already solving your customers’ problems through a minimal version of your product . Your Structure is ready to operate and lead head-on further investments. You are now set to grow!

Why Work with us

Get a full-time tailored business support
By working with us, you will have an experienced co-founder who will be hands on with you from idea to MVP. We dedicate our team to work with you at the frequency that your startup requires. We attend meetings with you, we guide you through the best roadmap and we help you find answers to all your business questions. Your challenges become our challenges!
Validate your business model & market
You will be connected to industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and to potential customers/partners in order to validate your problem statements and ideas and to get smart advice. We will also open doors for you by putting you in touch with potential development partners.
Build your MVP
You will have unlimited access to an IT expert that will help you scope your product, assess its feasibility and make the right technical choices. We will support you by opening doors to test the viability of the product in your target market. Accounting experts will be also at your disposal to help you design the best setup for your company.
Maximize your Funding Potential
We will show you the different steps needed to reach investment readiness. We will connect you to local and international mentors who will help you develop a perfect pitch deck and a strong financial plan. We will ask you all the questions that an investor might ask. We will support you in getting the startup label and will connect you to the best business angels and VCs that fit your product.

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